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T.Sq Newsstand

This past Saturday, October 10th we were luckily invited to 'guest clerk' the T.Sq Newsstand created by Grotesk & Juxtapoz magazine.  We showcased a few select pieces from our upcoming NYC...

Rye Denim Pant

Photos by Derek Wood                                  

Express Anorak

Photos by Dylan Schiff                              

T.J. in Montreal

Photos by T.J. McCammon                                                    ...

B&W Snaps

Photos by Lukas & Julian                                                        ...

California Road Trip

  Photography by Rosie Simmons                                      

I Shot NY


Joseph Warren

Friend, artist, and frequent collaborator Joseph Warren has provided the artwork behind some of our favorite pieces! For more of his work visit his website here and his instagram here.

Jacob Summer '15 Looks

Photos by Jacob Consenstein                                                    ...