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Sample Sale @ 49 Franklin May 18-19th

Brooklyn Store Closing May 27th

Upcycled Fisherman Knit Beanies

In an effort to continue offering more eco-friendly products, we worked with Recover® Yarns - an upcycled, low-impact yarn manufacturer to knit our Fisherman Beanies.

Recover® has created a closed-loop upcycling system that collects fabric waste from used clothing and garment manufacturing scraps from around the globe, sorts it by color, shreds it, and spins the recycled material into yarns which are then used in the construction of new products like the Fisherman Beanie. By sorting the fabrics by color, Recover® is able to eliminate the use of water as no dying is necessary. The upcycled cotton is then strengthened with the addition of carrier fibers, including hemp and organic cotton, to form a premium yarn for production. The final outcome is a yarn that can be knit, woven, and sewn into a new garment.




Alongside the reduction of waste, Recover®’s 50% solar-generated facility is also actively combating pollutants on-site, which in 2018 alone, stopped 3.2 million kilograms of pollutants from entering the environment, saved 2.9 millions kilograms of textile waste from entering landfills, and eliminated the use of over 43 billion gallons of water from their production cycle.

To continue the closed-loop cycle and keep clothing from landfills, donate your worn-out clothing to your local used clothing non-profit organization as they are major clothing recyclers.