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DSNY Home Waste Basket at renewfinds

Based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and neighbors to Only NY, Renew Finds is a staple in the North Brooklyn community for all things home and lifestyle. From sourcing vintage furniture, offering custom framing, and providing creatives a space for photo shoots and prop rentals, the multidisciplinary studio is a premier example of young entrepreneurs in NYC.

For the launch of our DSNY Home Waste Basket, our team visited Jessica and Leo of renew finds to style the Waste Basket in their beautifully rustic Greenpoint studio to see how they'd use the item for home and office. Check out some of our favorite images below and read the full interview with the Co-founders.

Waste Basket Photos by Colby Edwards
Environment Photos by Nash

Only NY: Could you share a bit about what is renewfinds, and where you’re from?

RNF: Jess here!
I was born and raised in NYC and eventually met Leo who grew up in the Lower East Side/ Chinatown. Over time, we discovered that we both had a passion for the arts and knack for building a business. At the onset of the pandemic, we decided to come together to tell our story. In Chinese, renewfinds translates to 重新, pronounced “chong xin”, which means “again”, “afresh”, or “anew”. At renewfinds we focus on curating an eclectic collection and wide variety of goods that can be relatable and suitable for any audience, apartment, nook, and cranny.

Only NY: How did the business and partnership between the two of you come about?

RNF: With an interior design background, I always had a fond love for new and old, used and unused furniture. Leo on the other hand is still at his full time 9-5 finance job, but loves looking through auction sites to discover hidden treasures that are rare to find. Naturally we found a few chairs at an auction for $5, cleaned it up a bit, took some pictures, and posted it on Instagram. The rest was history.

Only NY: What are some of the current things customers can expect to find within the RNF ecosystem?

RNF: renewfinds is more than just a vintage reseller business. The space in itself has become one of the must stop places for friends to meet when they venture out to Greenpoint. We are a place where friendships are made, through a mutual love for good quality furniture. In our studio, it's all about having good vibes, building a community, and enjoying each other's company.

Only NY: You mentioned you’re moving out of your studio (featured here) and into a new space. Tell us a bit about that and the expansion of the RNF brand.

RNF: Yes! Since 2020, we’ve expanded! We’re moving (down the block), and can’t wait to see what this new chapter will bring. It'll be on the ground floor with direct access to the street, making it easier for new and old customers to find us. As we prepare to reopen in February 2024, we look forward to hosting more community pop-ups and using our platform to collaborate with different artists.

Only NY: What would you say the RF style is, or maybe what do you look for when searching for products for your home or business?

RNF: We honestly don't have a formula for sourcing. We like to curate pieces that we find are timeless, unique, and would want to put into our own homes. We gravitate towards eclectic, and bold items. Our philosophy for styling your own space is to always have that one conversation starter.

Only NY: Any tips for people looking to style their own home, office, or studio?

RNF: My one advice is to take it slow, and find pieces that they'll always love. Look for something that is timeless and build from there. Instagram and Pinterest are good sources for curating inspiration. Leo on the other hand likes to style his space with items that have a story, so that when he looks at it, it will bring him back to the time/period of his life where he has acquired the piece.

Only NY: What’re your first impressions of the DSNY Home Waste Basket and of course the miniature DSNY Trash Can Pen Holder?

RNF: It's the perfect piece of NYC history to add into any apartment or design studio. The quality and size is also wonderful for smaller NYC spaces. I know NYC is going away with the green street trash bins, and after seeing how lovely the DSNY waste basket works with our space, I lowkey thought about snatching one off the street to keep for memory sake.

Only NY: Anything else you want to share with our audience, and future plans we should know from RF?

RNF: The journey has been unreal. We are truly thankful for the community that has supported us through these past few years. Our hope for RNF is to build a platform so that we can continue to collaborate with people in the community. RNF was created with a mission in mind to identify with and engage with a variety of audiences, and to be aligned with our sense of purpose and values. We want to continue to use this platform for a good cause and to help others.