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Pride 2021

In celebration of Pride Month and our support for LGBTQ+ communities, we’ll be releasing a Pride benefit t-shirt on Thursday, June 3 @ 12pm EST with all profits invested in Activation Residency, a Black trans led residency offering Black and brown trans and queer artists space to create, collaborate, and recharge.

Kamra is a Brooklyn-based artist and founder of Activation Residency. They started the residency program in 2018 and has since hosted over 130 artists in the southern Catskill mountains of Woodridge, offering resources, restoration, and care to the attending artists. Activation Residency is currently raising money to invest in Farming Futurity, an extension of Activation Residency. They plan to use the funds to buy a plot of land and build out a space to hold their yearly residency program.

In Kamra's words, speaking about what they hope people will learn and take away from Pride and how to further support Activation Residency and their related efforts:

"I hope folks will take away that fact that rage and riot are powerful forms of movement as well as rest and restoration. Folks can help us fund Farming Futurity. Materializing Farming Futurity is the residency's primary goal for the next 1-5 years. A location has been found ... and the residency is in need of deep investment to secure this parcel ... As the founder of this space, I am permaculture certified, and have a team of eager builders, architects, and engineers at the ready as soon as the funding rolls in."


Click here to learn more about or to invest directly in Activation Residency.

Photos by Juan Felipe Rendon.

Models: Monica Martinez & Starr Sanford.

Art Direction: Kamra.