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Only NY x Gathering Growth

Only NY is pleased to announce an exclusive benefit t-shirt with Gathering Growth Foundation, an organization working to visually preserve the legacy of significant trees and forest in the United States. The t-shirt features The Queens Giant, one of the largest Tuliptrees in NYC with a circumference 19’ and a height of 133.8’.

Founded in 2019 by photographer and archivist Brian Kelley, Gathering Growth works to document some of the last remaining old growth around the United States. Photographing these remaining giants on large format film and capturing soundscape recordings to add another dimension to the visual experience. Since the 1600s, 90% of the virgin forests that once blanketed much of the lower 48 States have been logged. As the population continues to rise, forest fragmentation and degradation continues. This results in the significant loss of extensive areas of old-growth forest. According to one estimate, stands of the century-old forest now account for only 7% of forest cover in the United States.

The limited edition Gathering Growth T-Shirt will be available online on Thursday, July 29 @ 12pm EST and in-store at 176 Stanton & 49 Franklin. Each t-shirt will be accompanied with a Tuliptree seed growing kit to promote tree growth native to the Northeast.

Learn more about Gathering Growth.

Video Credits
Directed by Brian Kelley
Director of Photography by Andrew Price
Edited by Martin Reigel
Animation by Daniel Zvereff
Additional 16mm Footage by Stephen Marino
Music by William McFeely
Sound Design and Audio Post by The Third Sound