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Only NY & New York Magazine 2021

In celebration of New York Magazine's latest rendition of their iconic logo, an ode to the New York accent, Only NY is proud to announce a commemorative release as part of our ongoing partnership with the magazine.

"As we thought about the phenomenon of people wearing local merch, and the special pride of being a New Yorker, we inevitably went to the classic New York accent—something we hope never dies out. In our research we found vintage souvenirs with New Yawk spelled out over the iconic 1980's skyline. That gave us the idea to make a special issue that altered our own logo. It’s both an homage and a playful tweak on a classic. We’d collaborated with OnlyNY before, using vintage hand drawn classics from Milton Glaser, the magazine’s co-founder—so it was a natural fit to return to them for this special edition.”

The limited edition t-shirt & hoodie will be available online on Tuesday, April 6 @ 12pm EST and in-store at our 176 Stanton & 49 Franklin on Wednesday, April 7 @ 12pm EST.

Product photos by Ryan Schostak.

Model photo by DeSean McClinton-Holland.