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Only NY and New Museum for Peter Saul

Only NY is proud to announce a limited collection celebrating renowned artist Peter Saul in a partnership with the New Museum. Featuring Saul’s original artwork, the collaboration works to honor the Artist’s legacy through a limited run of shirts and a sweatshirt. The offering comes in conjunction with the iconoclastic painter’s first New York survey exhibition, “Peter Saul: Crime and Punishment,” on view at the New Museum from February 11 through May 31, 2020.

Known for his ambitious and bold use of color, Saul’s paintings are grandiose in form and style, and helped inspire and influence many later generations of artists. His work takes inspiration from a variety of artistic movements including surrealism, comic book imagery, and social realist artworks of the early 20th century. Saul’s paintings are a masterful blend of the visualization of his imagination and his distinct interpretations of the contemporary cultural trends in which he is living.

Only NY selected an array of paintings that represent a range of Saul’s later work featured in Peter Saul: Crime and Punishment. Saul’s Businessman / Young Executive, 1980, is currently on loan from the personal collection of renowned artist KAWS, and shows Saul’s surrealist fascination with challenging traditional modes of form and composition. 1987’s Self is a centerpiece of the retrospective and is exemplary of Saul’s paintings at their most refined. Flush with contemporary pop culture imagery, Self helped solidify Saul’s legacy as a groundbreaking American painter. Stuck, 2007, is the most recent of Saul’s work Only NY chose for this exclusive capsule, as it demonstrates the California-bred artist’s masterful ability to marry contradictory themes such as good and evil, dark and light, in order to communicate with viewers from every background.

The collection will be available from Only NY online and at the New Museum Store Thursday, February 27 @ 12PM.