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Janne Enberg Snaps

Only NY: Where are you from?
Janne Enberg: I'm from Helsinki, Finland.

How long have you been shooting photos?
I've been taking photos and especially on film for around two years. My friend gave me his old Pentax camera and I got really excited of it and filmphotography in generally.

What camera do you prefer to use and why?
For 35mm I love to use my trustworthy workhorse, Canon A-1. I also own Olympus OM4 that has great extra functions, amazing camera. For medium format I use Mamiya 645.

What kind of film do you prefer to use and why?
Difficult one. All films have their own characteristics. Expired films tend to be full of surprises, you never know what you get. But let's say that you can't go wrong with Kodak Portra 160/400/800.

All photos by Janne Enberg