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Fishing Martha's Vineyard with Colin Cournoyer

Fishing Martha's Vineyard with Colin Cournoyer


     Self proclaimed fly fishing enthusiast and photographer of all things Martha's Vineyard, Colin Cournoyer has been capturing his surrounding for a decade now. Raised on the iconic island off the coast of Massachussets, engaging with the aquatic envrionement was second nature for Colin and it shows in his work. We caught up with Colin to learn about fishing Marthas Vineyard and his process for capturing fishing and landscape photography.

Only NY: Where are you from?
Colin: I’m from Dracut, Massachusetts but I was raised on Martha’s Vineyard since I was born and have learned to live the island lifestyle since then.


How long have you been making photos?
I’ve been making photos for about 10 years now, but really got into film photography the past 3 years.


What inspired you to start photographing?
My inspiration for making photos is that I want to be able to be remembered eventually. My goal is to leave a footprint when I get older so I can someday inspire others to photograph as well.


When and how did you start fly fishing?
I started fly fishing when I was 15 years old, I grew up fishing conventional tackle my entire life, which eventually became boring as I wanted to try something new. Bought my first scientific anglers 5/6 wt outfit and taught myself to cast. To this day now, I tie flies for others and local fly shops around. Ultimately I want to inspire others to do the same and keep the tradition of fly fishing going forward.


What's the crazy thing you've experienced or seen albie fishing?
Albie fishing is nothing short of insanity, I started fishing for Albies in 2016 in the waters where I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard. The craziest thing I’ve ever had happen was hooking into a 10.8 lb albie on the blind cast and when the line was clearing onto the reel, it wrapped around the first 3 sections of my 8 wt resulting in the front half of my rod to fly into water (fish still attached!). I somehow managed to fight the fish and the rod pieces slowly slid up the line and I was able to finally land what was the biggest albie I’ve ever caught and released.
Where are your favorite places or things to photograph?
My favorite places or things to photograph are anything on the Vineyard. The island is so precious and beautiful and full of so many influential people that I look up to each of them. What I like to take photos of the most is scenery that most people will walk by, because it’s something you never see a photo of. That and other people candidly especially fishing, especially during the fall when I get to meet new and see old faces. Such a magical time that I look forward to every year.

Photos by Colin Cournoyer.