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Fall/Winter 2022 Delivery 3

Heading out during the peak of the fall season, our team connected with New York City gone Catskills photographer Brian Kelley for a kayaking trip spanning the local New York river streams of Narrowsburg into Pond Eddy. Finding this time of year as an opportune time to take the overnight kayak trip while in the area around the upper Delaware, the start of the trek displays the nearing Winter season with views of the color-changing leaves and cooler temperatures. The entirety of the trip spanned roughly 20 miles where Brian and Travis traveled the river that flows between the borders of New York and Pennsylvania, wear-testing some of our offerings from the Fall/Winter 2022 Collection.

Our final delivery of Fall/Winter 2022 will be available Thursday, October 27th @ 12PM featuring t-shirts, sweaters, outerwear, bottoms, and accessories.

Photos by Brian Kelley.