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Brooklyn Store Closing May 27th

Caitlin Sheehan City Snaps

OnlyNY: Where are you from?
Caitlin Sheehan: I was born and raised in Brooklyn.

How long have you been shooting photos?
I started shooting and developing film in High School, in mid 90’s. So, over 20 years.

What do you look to capture in your photos?
NYC has changed so much since I was growing up. When I walk around I still see bits and pieces of the New York I miss and love, and I try and capture that. I also try to capture the feeling an object or subject has given me, and I hope that comes through in my photographs.

Are all these images shot on your iPhone?

Do you prefer to shoot on your iPhone — why?
Well, I started photographing with film since digital did not yet exist. I got my first digital camera in the early 00’s and I was fascinated with being able to see what I shot immediately, and now we have the iPhone. I do like having the opportunity to capture anything I want at anytime without carrying around a camera, so that is why most of my photo’s are taken with my iPhone. I do plan on starting to shoot film again in the near future, because it is just an irreplaceable, beautiful medium. Also, I love a good old disposable camera.

All photos by Caitlin Sheehan, @caitshe