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A Day With The Bronx Brewery

Some of New York City's best beers are being brewed on an unlikely industrial block in the South Bronx. Since 2011, The Bronx Brewery has been dedicated to crafting balanced, bold beers that represent their community from within and beyond. 

What started as a small team brewing upstate, keeping kegs in a cold storage facility in the Bronx, and selling door to door to bars in the city has now become a destination for people all over world. We were lucky enough to visit our neighbors at the brewery and learn about their operation.
This is a day with The Bronx Brewery.
All Photos by Zeke Martinez, Words by Matthew Schonfeld

The Bronx Brewery started with a focus on brewing balanced, approachable beers that everyone can enjoy. At the beginning they only brewed Pale Ales, true to their original motto "Do One Thing. Do It Right." 

The Bronx Brewery has maintained a strong commitment to the community in its borough, uplifting local voices and artists through initiatives like their "Up and Comers" series. "Up and Comers" introduces a line of limited edition seasonal brews with unique labels designed by some of the borough’s most talented artists like Joey "Serve" Vega, Daniel Hauben, Lexi Bella.

In addition to its art initiatives, The Bronx Brewery has stayed involved in their community through partnerships with the New York Restoration Project, a non-profit organization "driven by the conviction that all New Yorkers deserve beautiful, high-quality public space within ready walking distance of their homes." 5% of every case of the brewery's Bronx Banner Kolsch goes directly to NYRP's The Haven Project.


The Bronx Brewery's tight team is crafting unique yet familiar beers from their small operation in the South Bronx. Their tap room is at the brewery, open seven days a week.

Visit The Bronx Brewery at 856 E 136th St.