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100 Miles with 106 Studio

When recent change struck New York City, local creative Dane Bull of 106 Studio packed up his Upper West Side apartment and headed upstate to a more secluded setting amongst family and the outdoors. With his workload at a sudden standstill, Dane and his partner, Rae, took a hike one day and discovered a productive outlet amid local state parks and preserves. After that initial hike, taking to the trails became an almost daily ritual. Averaging 5 hikes a week on trails throughout Minnewaska State Park, Ridgefield Preserve, Clarence Fahnestock State Park, and even the Manitoga Estate, former home of industrial designer Russel Wright, Dane and Rae have already clocked 100+ miles. Ever the creative, Dane has been documenting and photographing the whole experience for a book, outlining the gear used, trail markers passed, and unique tree graffiti found along the way.




We sent Dane and Rae some outdoor gear inspired pieces from our Spring Summer collection to take on that trail during their daily hikes.